Extended Open Calls AB, FCC, Coordinator

Dear EGEAns,

Although we’ve had many wonderful applications for the open positions not every gap was filled completely. We are inviting you to apply for:

  • Advisory Board
  • FCC representative East, North & Baltic and Euromed
  • Second Coordinator for Tech Team
  • Second Coordinator for External Opportunities Team

The deadline to send us your application is September 14th 19:59CEST. Please send it to egea@egea.eu

In the role of Advisory Board you contribute to EGEA by passing along your experience and knowledge through advising the Board of EGEA. As Board members are doing many things for the first time, it is a valuable to help them through difficulties throughout the year.

In our Association the Financial Control Commission (FCC) checks the treasurers work. This ensures that everything financially is handled correctly, so our donators and sponsors know that they can give us financial aid. It is also a confirmation to the treasurer that works has been done correctly. You will form an unmissable link in mitigating financial risks in our association, and therefore be a valuable contributor.

As Team Coordinator you may work with a passionate team. All teams have been growing, now the pandemic has passed. Also, you will be in touch with many other people, like the other coordinators, the Board of EGEA and the Regional Teams. You communication and organizational skills will grow during this year. You will contribute to EGEA on a specific topic with many people surrounding you to support you.

Please find the details of each open call and what is expected in your motivation letter in the following places:

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