Open Call for Advisory Board Members

The call for the Advisory Board (AB) 22/23 is open! The application period runs between July 11th and August 15th. If you gained some years of experience in EGEA and you would like to supervise and advise the board of EGEA, we invite you to apply for the job of the AB 22/23!

What is the AB?

The Advisory Board can be consulted by the Board or give independent advice at any time to the Board. At the same time, they can supervise the board based on personal experience on topics such as work-life balance, dealing with difficult discussions and crisis management.

The main duties of the positions can be found here in the Protocol Article 11B. 

Is the AB something for me?

You will enjoy this function, if you already gained some experience in EGEA and if you would like to support other EGEAns with your experience. Especially in critical situations, the board will seek your advice most likely. Also, you like to stay updated regularly on the work of the board and the association as a whole. 

In general you are:

  • An “Oldie” in EGEA (experienced member), or even a former Board member or former Regional Contact Person of the last three years
  • Ready to advice and mentor the board
  • Good at formulating advice
  • Knowledged about processes in EGEA and the official documents

Note: The Advisory Board consists of three individuals, from which one position is reserved for a Board member or a Regional Contact Person from the previous three years. A member of the Advisory Board can be re-elected only once, unless there are no other candidates. During their term, the members of the Advisory Board cannot hold any other position in the Association except the entity Contact Person.

How to apply?

Please send your applications to until 15th of August, 23:59 CEST. Don’t publish your application yourself before the board publishes all applications publicly. Please include the following in your application:

  • Evidence of sufficient EGEA experience to fulfil an advisory function
  • Your relevant skills and competence
  • Motivation to apply
  • Your photo

The applications will be published by the Board of EGEA within 24 hours after the closing of the application period. During the General Assembly (in Hungary) the election between AB candidates will take place. However, the open call is not limited only to persons attending the General Assembly (your application can still be voted upon in your absence).

For any questions, don’t hesitate to send a question to the Board or the current AB team:

  • Swen Schmitz (EGEA Aachen)
  • Fabian Konrad (EGEA Mainz)
  • Anna Czerniejewska (EGEA Zürich)

We are looking forward to seeing your applications!

Micol, Esther, Marie & Stan