Official documents

Here you can find the latest official EGEA documents. If you have any questions about these documents, feel free to contact the Vice-President.

List of Acronyms

ACAnnual Congress
BoEBoard of EGEA
CPContact Person
CPTContact Person Training
EGEuropean Geographer
EGEAEuropean Geography Association
EMRCEuroMed Regional Congress
EPRAEvent and PR Advisor
ERCEastern Regional Congress
ERLEntity Ranking List
EuroMedEuro-Mediterranean Region
FCCFinancial Control Committee
GAGeneral Assembly
GAWGeography Awareness Week
LMLive meeting
N&BNorth and Baltic Region
NBRCNorth & Baltic Regional Congress
OSMOrganisation and Strategy Meeting
RARegional Assistant
RCRegional Congress
RCPRegional Contact Person
RMRegional Meeting
RTRegional Team
WebAdminsWebsite Administrators
WRCWestern Regional Congress