Open call for trainers – online trainings in July


Dear trainers, summertime is coming, semesters are ending, we want to use that time to bring soft-skills to people’s homes in our student organisation EGEA (European Geography Association). That is why we are making July the summer training month! Do you want to boost your training experience? Then this might be the perfect opportunity for…

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Open Call for Boe & RCP Applications for 2023/2024

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We officially announce the opening of the application period for the Board of EGEA and Regional Contact Persons of 2023/2024. In the document below you can find all the relevant information about it. If you have any questions about it don’t hesitate to contact The Application time is open from 1st of May until…

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Half year report

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Hereby we present the EGEA Half Year Report (HYR) 2022/2023. Inside you will find a timeline of BoE events, regional updates and the financial overview of EGEA for this year. If you have any comments or feedback please do not hesitate to contact us at the general email or directly contact the Secretary of…

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EGEA Congress season started

The EGEA Regional Congresses’ season is straigh ahead of us. Starting on 3rd of April, Geography students 🌍 from all over Europe will meet and network on following congresses: 🔶 Eastern Regional Congress: Living in the mountains (3rd–7th of April – Săcuieu, Cluj County, Romania)🔶 Western Regional Congress: Prepare for the extreme (24th–29th of April – Schalkau,…

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In the end of 2022 the entites of EGEA were asked to vote for the Annual Congress 2023 (being it a part of the Membership criteria of the Association). For the AC 2023 the Board of EGEA received one application and the entities had three option of voting: for, against, abstain. 64 out of 73…

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Winter Organisation and Strategy Meeting 2022

From Friday the 2nd till Sunday the 4th of December the Winter Organisation and Strategy Meeting (WOSM) will take place in Tartu, Estonia. The WOSM is one of two OSMs that take place during the EGEA year. It is one of the most important events, because it is the time when the officials and all…

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Geography Awareness week 2022


As every year, we would like to invite you to take part in the Geography Awareness Week (GAW) that is going to take place between the 14th and 20th of November 2022!  This week is thought to raise geographical awareness, and we invite you to prepare some interesting activities (online and offline). See the GAW infopage of the National Geographic to learn more. We encourage…

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TNT22 – Call for Trainers


When: 9-14 November for trainers (10-14 November for participants) Where: Osnabrück, GermanyPlaces: 4 trainers (1 Main Trainer, 3 Trainers)Participants: 8-12Reimbursement: a travel refund of up to 50 Euro is available; free accommodation and food are providedDeadline & application: Deadline to apply is August 25th for Main Trainer, August 31 for Trainers. Applications are accepted through this…

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EGEA Katowice & WUF

EGEA on World urban forum

World Urban Forum is the world’s largest and most important cyclical event dedicated to urban development. Sessions are held upon the initiative of the United Nations (UN). The theme of WUF11 is Transforming our cities for a better urban future. It is meant to be an invitation to discuss the latest trends that are changing…

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Open Call for Germany Weekend

Dear German entities,  The time has come to start thinking about who will organise the next Germany Weekend! This event is a great opportunity to promote yourself and your region, to build a stronger connection between German entities, and hopefully motivate some newbies to join their first event or even help out with the organisation….

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EGEA Teams & project introduction

After almost 2 years of pandemic, we are very happy to show we are still going strong. To introduce to you the actual faces behind the EGEA Teams & Projects, a Q&A video has been made. Watch this videos to see coordinators and members answering questions about their work for EGEA. Also personal funfacts are…

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egea Alumni meetup in antwerp


Hello Alumni, hello EGEA! Finally, after a long time of EGEA-abstinence, some of us EGEA Alumni were able to meet again live in Antwerp, Belgium. A big thanks to the organisers Martijn, Sveta, Kristel and Tom for this amazing event! In the attached minutes you can read about what’s been going on in EGEA Alumni…

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