EGEA consists of member entities (at the moment about 90) that are based in cities where one can study geography and are represented by their two Contact Persons. Entities belong to one of the four regions in EGEA which are are coordinated by the four Regional Teams (RTs). The whole association is managed by the Board of EGEA (BoE). Regional Teams and the Board of EGEA are part of the Organisation and Strategy Committee which is a place for cooperation for all bodies of the association. It also includes Committees, Supporting Roles, Congress Organisers and the Financial Control Commission.


The General Assembly (GA), the highest decisive body of EGEA, takes place once per year during the Annual Congress. In the General Assembly new entities are approved and inactive ones discharged. Also matters of the association are discussed and voted upon via proposals. At the General Assembly all approved member entities can cast their vote. The Board of EGEA is voted upon before the General Assembly via e-voting by all entities. Regional Contact Persons are voted upon by their region’s entities.
At the General Assembly, the Board of EGEA elect, the Regional Teams elect, the members of the Financial Control Commission and the Secretariat Coordinator are approved. There are also regional decisions, which are taken during the Regional Meetings at Regional Congresses or during the Annual Congress: Every region appoints its representative for the Financial Control Commission and votes upon the organising entity of the Regional Congress. The organising entity of the Annual Congress is elected by the General Assembly. Representatives or coordinators of Committees, Website Administrators, Grant Team and Congresses are chosen by the respective body and don’t need the approval of the General Assembly.