SuomiWeekend is a get-together event for the members of Finnish EGEA entities, this year hosted by EGEA Turku. This event is perfect opportynity for newbies, oldies and everyone in between. Finnish regional night combines traditional "cultural fair" with finnish regions. Bring something to the table (food, drinks etc.) from your hometown/region. Nature excursion and sauna...



BARDACA Srbac, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Balkanijada is a congress organized by the entities in the former Yugoslavia. EGEA Banja Luka organizes this year's Balkanijada on the topic Protection of Ramsar sites in the Balkans. WHERE? PROGRAM WHO CAN COME TO THIS CONGRESS? Members of the entity: Banja Luka, Beograd, Ljubljana, Maribor, Mostar, Niksic, Novi Sad, Skoplje, Zadar, Zagreb. ACCOMMODATION ORGA TEAM...


Czechoslovak Teambuilding 8th edition

8th Czechoslovak teambuilding Návsí 31E, Návsí, Czech Republic

This weekend we welcome you to the region of Teschen Silesia, in the very east of our country. The accommodation is located in the picturesque village of Návsí, close to Jablunkov and at a distance of about 20 km from Český Těšín, one of the most important border crossings to Poland). You can enjoy the...

€60 – €70

Shack’n’Roll 23 #boburg

Rissbachhaus Vorderriß 23,, Lenggrieß, Germany

We're very happy you're intrested in joining our Shack'n'Roll organised by EGEA Augsburg and EGEA Bochum. #BOBURG We'll spend some fun days in a small shack surrounded by the mountains in the south of Germany. While enjoying lovely EGEAns company we'll drink some hot beverages to heat up after a hike in the mountaineous winter...


Euromed Regional Congress 2024

Vila Šumica Vršiška cesta 73, Kranjska Gora, Slovenia

The Alps are one of the most important, but also threatened ecosystems in Europe. Withincreasing pressures in the form of tourism, traffic, urban development, and climatechange, this fragile region needs green solutions and plans for a more sustainable andenvironment-friendly future. That's why we invite you to the Julian Alps in NW Slovenia to feel the...