Marburg Deutschhausstraße 10, Marburg, Germany

TitleSubtitle EGEA Marburg is very excited for the first part of the Marburg - Skopje Exchange.

Polish Weekend 2023

Ośrodek Wczasowy Bęsia

Polish Weekend is an event arranged by polish entities in their own country. It is an opportunity for geography students and experts from various countries to take part in a broad range of activities such as workshops, lectures, discussions, cultural events and social gatherings. The primary goal of the Polish Weekend is to promote geographical...



EGEA Zürich welcomes the lovely people from EGEA Augsburg for our long awaited exchange.

Summer OSM in Münster

University Münster Heisenbergstraße 1, Münster, Germany

Dear EGEAn, from the 15th to the 18th of June, the Summer Organisation and Strategy Meeting, SOSM, will take place in Münster, Germany. During the Weekend we will have various Sessions on all relevant topics in EGEA. If you have a topic in mind that should be discussed, you are welcome to suggest it in...


Wine & Shine Vol. 2

Wandererheim des Hunsrückvereins Bergstraße, Monzingen, Germany

Indroduction Dear lovely EGEAns!!! You have no idea what to do at the end of June? You want to procrastinate a bit more than usual? Or you just want to travel and have a nice weekend with cool people? Then EGEA Mainz prepared something for you… we proudly present the "Wine & Shine Vol. 2"...


No Cherry Soup Weekend

Egea Debrecen and Egea Budapest proudly present them new event: No Cherry Soup Weekend. The location is close to Lake Balaton, in Balatonlelle, so don't forget to bring your swimsuits. Let's spend a fun light weekend together without cherry soup. Fun and happyness are guaranteed - all you need is you to make it all...

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Karstic Weekend ’23

Nova Štifta pri Ribnici , Slovenia

An event by EGEA Ljubljana organized in the heart of the Slovene karstic region surrounded by the forested Dinaric mountains. Participants will discover this unique area of Slovene geography and all of its characteristics, from caves, poljes, dolines, its history, settlement, bears, forests and everything inbetween with the help of karst researchers and experts in...



Labas from Lithuania! This summer, EGEA Vilnius wants to invite you to Lithuania‘s West Coast, where you‘ll have an unforgettable Lithuanian summer experience at the annual Baltic Weekend. During the weekend, you‘ll have the opportunity to explore Lithuania‘s beautiful seaside, learn about Lithuanian cultural aspects, and try traditional food and drinks. Registration has ended! Soon...


Sport- und Studienheim Edersee Hohe Fahrt 14, Vöhl, Hessen, Germany

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Europacamp Franz von Schönthan Allee 42, Weißenbach/Attersee, Austria

We welcome you to the Annual Congress 2023 at Attersee, Austria, between 4th and 9th September 2023. We will provide you with a variety of workshops, excursions and networking events where you get the chance to meet and exchange ideas about the topic: “Water in a Changing Europe: an SDG Perspective” Our topic:The 2030 Agenda...

€99.00 – €198.00