Winter carpathians

Greetings, EGEAns!We invite you to spend the weekend with us. Let's discover ukrainian cultural landscapes, exchange thoughts and simply have a rest!When? March 1-3Where? Kolochava Village, Zakarpattia region, Ukraine.It might sounds scary to travel to Ukraine during fullscale war, but we assure you, we'll do our best to make this trip safe. Here few reasons...



EGEA Joensuu welcomes EGEA Budapest for the first part of our exchange! Can't wait to meet you all in Finland <3

EGEA Groningen welcomes EGEA brussels

EGEA Groningen is very excited to welcome EGEA Brussels and show them everything our lovely city and people has to offer!

Western REGIONAL Congress 2024

Latest News The Open Call for Workshopleaders and Trainers has started and is open until the 31th of December. For those of you who already have an idea for a workshop or training please see us on the 13th of December for a Q&A session on Zoom (see your entity emails for a link or...


EGEA Belgrade welcomes egea warsaw

EGEA Belgrade welcomes EGEA Warsaw for the exchange in March! Can't wait to see you in our city! <3

EuroMed Regional Congress 2024

Vila Šumica Vršiška cesta 73, Kranjska Gora, Slovenia

The Alps are one of the most important, but also threatened ecosystems in Europe. Withincreasing pressures in the form of tourism, traffic, urban development, and climatechange, this fragile region needs green solutions and plans for a more sustainable andenvironment-friendly future. That's why we invite you to the Julian Alps in NW Slovenia to feel the...