Ghent festivities 2024 (one day exchange)

All around Ghent Ghent, Belgium

Every year, for 10 days in July, the inner city of Ghent (Belgium) turns into a joyful summer party. This tradition dates back to 1843 and is one of the biggest folk festivities in Europe! In several squares and parks in Ghent there is a different vibe: you can party on the river, chill with...

Baltic Weekend 2024: latvian edition

Baltic Weekend is upon us once more! Come enjoy the mythical country of Latvia with the utmost Latvian experts - Estonians! Latvia isn't completely uncharted territory for EGEA. Once upon a time there used to be EGEA Riga, but ever since their disintegration, there hasn't been any EGEA events in Latvia. We have taken it...


Germany Weekend 2024

Jugendgästehaus Haus am Sund Am Fährberg 8A, Altefähr, Germany

The Germany Weekend, the event that is actually supposed to be 90% German, is back. So join us for four lovely days on the board of the Baltic Sea.We look forward to welcoming you to Altefähr, a small town on the coast of Rügen, from August 16 to 19. We are only a few minutes...