Who is eligible for EGEA Support Fund?

The EGEA Support Fund is aimed at individuals. Apart from the Board members, the Secretariat Director and Regional Contact Persons, every individual can apply for it. The EGEA Support Fund doesn’t prioritise certain countries or regions.

It should fund primarily people who are (in no particular order of importance) …

  • The only representative of their entity for their Regional Meeting or the General Assembly,
  • The only representative of their committee at the General Assembly or Organisation and Strategy Meeting,
  • Scientific symposium presenter, workshop leader in a congress etc,
  • Current or prospective CPs for a CP-event (e.g. CP day),

… and cannot afford in their current financial situation to attend administrative or scientific EGEA events.

It is at the Jury’s (the RCPs) discretion to decide whether an event should be deemed scientific enough. If there is a good communication with their respective RCPs, also members of nominated candidating entities (the ones that have sent the motivational letter and it was approved afterward) may apply for the EGEA support fund.


How does one apply for Support Fund?

Applications must be submitted via the application form


Open call and Deadlines

Applications for the EGEA Support Fund may be submitted during the registration period of a certain event suitable for funding. However, the main application period will be before the Regional Congresses and the Annual Congress. The deadline for applying is the same deadline as the registration deadline of the respective event. The RCPs will inform you about their decision before your payment deadline.

If you still have questions, please send them to SupportFund@egea.eu


FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)


Except BoE members, RCPs and Secretariat Director, every individual is eligible to apply for the support fund. It is important to emphasise that also members of nominated candidating entities can apply, too. Since there is no prioritising of certain countries or regions, everybody has equal chances to be supported.
If you are willing to attend an event that has an administrative or scientific character (such as Congresses, Live Meetings or eg. Scientific Conference), it is very likely that you will be supported. 


Every year, there is a pot of money which can be used for the Support Fund. As it’s very hard to decide who gets supported and which amount of money with, please give your best to be very accurate and honest while filling out the application form. In that way, it should be easier for the jury to split the money in the best possible way according to applicant’s situation.
Latest by your payment deadline for the certain event, you will receive an e-mail in which you will be notified whether you get the support or not.

If you have any additional questions, you are always welcome to contact us on supportfund@egea.eu or the RCP for your region as follows: