get involved

Join international events, meet new students, travel Europe, organise meetings, join teams, learn about geography, make new friends, become a trainer, join projects, attend webinars, become a representative, learn a new language, and never forget: a true geographer is never lost, but always exploring!

Experience Geogaphy, Explore Europe!

Where to start?

  • Found a new entity or join an existing entity
  • Explore the forum & introduce yourself
  • Check the events calendar
  • Explore teams & projects
  • Ask your questions
  • Join activities
  • Enjoy EGEA

Find your entity

There are active members from 70+ cities in Europe!

Explore if your city is already part of our network!

To get in touch, simply contact the entity from your city directly, or contact your regional team and we’ll get you going!

START your entity

You want to join EGEA but there is no local group in your city? Gather some friends and found one! Here are the steps you need to take to start an entity.

1. When you are thinking about setting up an entity in your city, talk about it with other interested people in your department and contact EGEA at We will then pass your information on to the correct Regional Team and they will assign a member of the team to be the main contact person between EGEA and you (your group) as a candidating entity. This person will provide you with all the information you need: how to attend events and other meetings of EGEA and other practical advice.

2. Think about how to structure your entity. There are many ways to do that – EGEA Europe doesn’t ask you to have an official status or board, but at least you need to choose two Contact Persons (CP) who are the main link between your entity and EGEA Europe.

3. Before being accepted as an entity you have to write a motivation letter, about which you will get instructions by mail from the Regional Team. In the motivation letter you have to explain your interests and reasons for joining EGEA Europe and also provide EGEA with information about your current status. There is no hurry in writing the motivation letter – it should be done when the entity is confident enough to become an official member entity.

4. After the motivation letter is approved by your Regional Contact Person and the Board of EGEA, you will get your own entity page on the website and an email address. Encourage your members to sign up on this website. At this stage you will have most of the same rights as an associated entity, but your official status is that of a “nominated entity” until the General Assembly (GA) votes for your approval.

5. After being approved at the GA (held in September at the Annual Congress) you will become an associated entity, and soon you’ll even be eligible to vote on new entities yourselves! Now it is time to manage your entity and keep it active. You can experience the real “EGEA Spirit” in any EGEA event, or maybe you want to organise something yourself? Welcome to the EGEA family!

Remember that the Regional Teams are willing to help and answer any questions you may have!