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General contact:

The Board of EGEA consists of five persons and is elected by the General Assembly for a term of one year. The Board represents EGEA externally and acts as the executive body of the Association.


Micol Alessandri (EGEA Milano)

Contact Micol with questions related to:

  • The association in general
  • The Board of EGEA in general
  • Teams: Green Team, Media Team
  • Partners: European Youth Forum, European Youth Foundation, EGEA Alumni

vice President

Esther de Winter (EGEA Nijmegen) 

Contact Esther with questions related to:

  • The Protocol and Statutory Base
  • Teams: European Geographer, Science Team, Training Team and Projects
  • Partners: ISHA, IFSA, IAAS, IFISO


Marie Johanna Univer (EGEA Tartu)

Contact Marie with questions related to:

  • Regions
  • Reports and minutes
  • Teams: Inclusion Team, Secretariat
  • Partners: GeoDACH, AFNEG


Luana Schena (EGEA Zürich) 

Contact Luana with questions related to:

  • Reimbursement for travel costs
  • Financial support for events (Team live meetings, congresses, etc.)
  • Teams: Finance Team, Technical Support Team
  • Partners: ESRI, Utrecht University, Eurosender, Hostelworld, Flixbus, DB, Interrail

Event & Pr Advisor

Stanisław Konieczny (EGEA Warsaw) 

Contact Stanisław with questions related to:

  • Congresses and other events
  • Social media and public relations
  • Teams: Event Team, External Opportunities Team
  • Partners: EuroGEO, Study Portals, Think Young, YouthProAktiv, AsiaExchange, RGS, EduCitizens

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