Summer OSM

Online event

Twice a year, all functions in EGEA meet to give our association a little boost! Teams, Congress Organisers, Regional Teams, Projects and so on - everyone comes together to discuss all current topics in EGEA. This years Online Summer OSM is OPEN FOR EVERYONE, so if you want to brainstorm together to make EGEA better...

Webinar: Forest and Climate a dialogue under stress

Online event

EGEA partners up with IFSA, the International Forestry Students' Association! A great collaboration to support the EGEA Theme Year "Trees in Need"! Join us on the 9th of July at 4pm UTC+2 (CEST) 📆 to learn more about the interactions between forests 🌳 and climate ⛅️🌎.Prof. Alexander Knohl (university of Göttingen) will explore flux measurement...

Let’s play GeoGuessr with the Theme Year Working Group


Hello everyone! The Theme Year working group will be releasing a number of small maps every week until the 7th of November on GeoGuessr. Each map will be made up of five locations, and they will test your knowledge on well-known rivers, lakes, national parks, and small islands that one can find all over Europe....

Annual Congress 2021 [Online]

Online event

Event Description Welkom, velkommen, benvinguts, добредојде, witajcie, laipni lūdzam, üdvözlet, From 10-25 september the Online AC 2021 takes place in the Netherlands. The Annual congress is the biggest event of the year and more than 200 European geography students are welcomed. This years edition is dedicated to the topic ‘Mapping the Future’. EGEA targets European students and...



JOIN VIA ZOOM Meeting ID: 875 7842 7623Passcode: 907308 Have you ever heard of Guerilla Gardening? “Gardening in the public space with or without permission” is possible in many forms: from secretly dropping some seeds or burying some bulbs, to creating a tiny garden around the street tree in front of your door, to...

Online exchange EGEA Utrecht and EGEA Berlin

Online event

Hello! EGEA Berlin and EGEA Utrecht will have an (online) exchange on the 28th of December. If you have any questions regarding this event, don't hesitate to comment or reach out to EGEA Utrecht or EGEA Berlin 🇳🇱🇩🇪!

New Year 2022 | Drinks & games 🥂

Hi EGEAns! On the 10th of January EGEA Utrecht will organize online drinks and games to celebrate the new year! 🥂 Grab a drink and join us by playing some online games on Discord, we start at 19:30. You can join us using this URL: See you then! Best wishes, Jasmijn, Lara, Shreeya &...

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2022 EGEA is focussing on pedestrians, cyclists and other forms of slow mobility that enhance livability, security and sustainable experiences in our local neighbourhoods. All together leading to more social interaction, healthier lifestyles and human friendly streets. Planning of infrastructure, transportation systems and living spaces in cities are very geographic topics but can also give...


EGEA Tartu Lecture with Karyl Fritche

On November 1st at 4:15 PM EET, US Embassy Science Fellow Karyl Fritsche will give a lecture in English on the topic "US policy that is driving change in our agricultural communities to mitigate climate change." A discussion will follow the lecture with Farmer of the year Airi Külvet, Chief-specialist from Ministry of Regional Affairs...

Europe at war

Online event

Event aims to show an impact of Russia`s war against Ukraine on people`s lives and cities on the example of Lviv, which is a very important logistical hub for aid and refugees.