BeNDeLux weekend

Location: Hunsel (Map)
Date: 20/11/2020 - 22/11/2020


Due to the Covid-19 situation in the Netherlands we are forced to change the dates of this year’s Bendelux weekend. We have rebooked the weekend to 20 – 22 November 2020.


Location: the Netherlands – 6013 RV Hunsel, Beekstraat 9



After the succesvol Belgian edition of the BeNDeLux weekend last year (for the people who don’t know: the Belgium – Netherlands – Germany – Luxembourg weekend), it is now in the hands of the Dutchies to organise a weekend of doing absolutely nothing that is productive. We invite everyone, Belgian, Dutch, German, and from whatever country you prefer, to join our weekend and enjoy some relaxation, some party, some fun and some hiking.


The participation fee will be max € 55,-. This includes all food and drinks during the weekend.


More information coming soon!!
So for now — mark this weekend in your calendar if you wish to escape your busy lives for a few days.


Love from EGEA Nijmegen


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