What is EGEA Alumni and When should I join?

Finishing your studies does not necessarily mean that you have to leave EGEA. First of all, the association is officially called “European Geography Association for students and young geographers”. This means you are welcome to stay in your local entity also after graduating. But maybe, after something like your 12th congress, 27th EGEA event and 3rd exchange with the same entity, you might shift your focus from meeting new people to meeting the friends you already now. This has already happened unconsciously when you start hanging out with mostly the same people at every congress. If this is the case, EGEA Alumni is for you!

How to join?

It’s really easy: If you would like to become a member of EGEA Alumni, write an e-mail to alumni@egea.eu and change the status in your EGEA website profile accordingly – Done! There is no further registration necessary, there is no age limit and you don’t have to have graduated yet.

There is also an EGEA Alumni-Facebook group with over 1000 members. If you are interested in setting up a professional network, join us on LinkedIn. And since September 2019, you can follow us for the #egealife after graduation on Instagram!

Activities and events

There are various events on a local level as well as one or two annual European-wide Alumni events. Of course, you are also still able to join regular EGEA events.

  • The Alumni-Meetup corresponds to the Annual Congresses of EGEA, with the differences that the GA doesn’t take longer than half an hour, excursions are a tad more luxurious and there is way more time to talk, chat and network.
  • The Oldie-Weekend was first carried out 2018 and aims to bring together more experienced EGEAns and Alumni. However, it is open for everyone interested! It is an informal networking event, with possible workshops about improving Alumni and EGEA as a whole.


Get involved!

An Alumni-Taskforce was set up to gather ideas on how to improve Visibility of Alumni, improve Communication with and the Transition from EGEA as well as how Alumni can contribute to EGEA, e. g. with offering job opportunities.

If you are interested, write an e-mail to alumni@egea.eu, contact us on Facebook or Linkedin – or just talk to us at the congresses

EGEA Alumni logo

Board of Alumni

Did you know, that there is also a Board of Alumni? No?

In 2015, when the first Alumni Meet-up was organised, the organisers of the meeting founded the Stichting EGEA Alumni to facilitate the logistics of the conference. The founders decided to keep up the foundation, which since helped all the other Alumni congress organisers whenever they needed an association’s bank account.

Anyone can join not only the Alumni group itself, but also the Board of Alumni. The current and former members include:

  • Gert Ruepert – founder, current BoA President
  • Emiel Dopper – founder, former BoA Secretary
  • Jasper van Gammeren – founder, former BoA Treasurer
  • Anna Bieniasz – current BoA Vice President
  • Daniel Buis – current BoA Secretary
  • Isabella Rojs – current BoA Treasurer

The Dutch version of the Statutes can be requested at alumni@egea.eu (we still need to figure out, how and where to make a permanent download link available). We are working on an inofficial English translation :)