TNT22 – Call for Trainers


When: 9-14 November for trainers (10-14 November for participants) 
Where: Osnabrück, Germany
Places: 4 trainers (1 Main Trainer, 3 Trainers)
Participants: 8-12
Reimbursement: a travel refund of up to 50 Euro is available; free accommodation and food are provided
Deadline & application: Deadline to apply is August 25th for Main Trainer, August 31 for Trainers. Applications are accepted through this google form.

EGEA, the European Geography Association, invites you to train a new generation of EGEA Trainers at our 5th Training New Trainers event. In our Trainers Team there is room for 1 Main Trainer and 3 Trainers, out of which one can be an EGEA Junior Trainer. More info about the requirements and application can be found below. 

The TNT will be in English and should cover communication, feedback, group dynamics, (online) training design, (online) training methods, science-based training, facilitation, adult learning (learning styles and personality types), activity management, gamification, debriefing. There will be 8 to 12 participants. Since the event is very short, online preparation sessions and follow-up sessions are expected in order to have at least 35 training hours. The EGEA Training Team happily supports the TNT Trainers in planning and organising these online preparatory and follow-up sessions. 

As a Main Trainer you have preferably experience in delivering a TEL-1 event. You get the opportunity here to design and shape the program yourself together with the EGEA Training Team, so ideas towards this are strongly appreciated. You have experience in team management and will be a mentor and leader for the other trainers. You show initiative and take charge of the preparation process. You facilitate the communication with the hosting entity. As the TNT takes place in November, you have sufficient time in September and October to prepare for the TNT. In all this, you are supported by the EGEA Training Team who can share the experiences and lessons learned from past TNTs with you, and convey the workings of EGEA. 

To sum up, your tasks will be: 

  • Together with EGEA Training you choose 2-3 Trainers to complete your team.
  • Selecting participants of the TNT, in accordance with the open atmosphere EGEA values.
  • Preparing the programme (30-35 hours) of the TNT.
  • Organise online preparation session(s) and evaluation session(s) with the participants.
  • Leading and supervising the TNT Trainer Team

Because of your training experience, you have insight into what young trainers need to learn and you convey this with motivation and enthusiasm. You are willing to learn and grow yourself as a trainer and want to share this with a new generation. You are flexible and consider the different levels of your participants, providing a challenging and engaging learning environment for all. You support the Main Trainer in preparing the program, the sessions at the TNT, and the online preparation and follow-up sessions. As the TNT takes place in November, you have sufficient time in September and October to prepare the TNT.  

There is room for 1 EGEA Junior Trainer (less than 15 hours of training delivered). From an EGEA Junior Trainer we expect great motivation, enthusiasm and insight into what a young trainer needs to learn, and how young trainers can be supported and motivated in (the start of) their career. 

To sum up, your tasks will be:  

  • provide a challenging and engaging learning environment for all participants
  • support the Main Trainer in designing and preparing the TNT program
  • co-organise online preparation session(s) and evaluation session(s)

If not to learn, grow and spread the love for training, then why else? You gain more experience as a trainer and on top of it all, you get to know the beautiful organisation that EGEA is. Furthermore, you have a lot of freedom in the design of the event, so this is an excellent opportunity to apply your creativity and make the TNT look how you think is best.

To apply, fill out this form until 25th of August 2022 for Main Trainer or 31st of August for Trainer. This contains your motivation, trainer portfolio (i.e. (online) training experience), an example of a past training you delivered, and for Main Trainer candidates also a draft idea for a TNT program. If you have any questions about the application, please don’t hesitate to contact us at After the deadline, we will contact you for the further application process and decide on the trainers as soon as possible.

Note about Covid: We are optimistic the event will be able to take place but monitor the situation together with the hosting entity. If the situation changes, options will be discussed with the trainer(s) (applicants).

We are looking very much forward to your application!

EGEA Training Team

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