Open Call for Germany Weekend

Dear German entities, 

The time has come to start thinking about who will organise the next Germany Weekend! This event is a great opportunity to promote yourself and your region, to build a stronger connection between German entities, and hopefully motivate some newbies to join their first event or even help out with the organisation. Just make sure to include the meeting of the German speaking entities in your program, other than that you are free to get creative with the events contents.


We want to make sure that the event is organised, after being skipped last year, so feel free to find and suggest the date that works best for you! 

Application requirements:

In your application you should include possible accommodation, a draft budget, the estimated number of people you can host, the proposed dates, as well as what your program might look like.

Make sure your event follows the covid restrictions in your part of Germany!

The deadline to fill out our application form is 15/05/2022.

We hope you can enjoy the summer!

Hugs and love,

Henrik, Jared, Caro and Malte

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