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As of today we, members of the Technical Support Team, are publicly presenting you the new EGEA website. The new website offers a modern design, easy to use user interface and it supports the EGEA community with providing intuitive features to interact with each other.

Members of the EGEA community

We kindly ask members of the EGEA network to contact their local representative or friends to help with registering an account on the website.

New server

Our new website & domain name are running via Cloudyhost. Cloudyhost is a green labeled provider which uses a datacentre that utilizes hydropower as energy source. The datacentre is located in Germany.

Last but not least.

We hope this newly developed website gives EGEA a better platform to discuss, interact and build on the future. EGEA.EU is a place to share stories, knowledge and develop ourselves. A place to inspire, a place to connect and to share our cultures.

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