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Update 17-june: Website migration went faster than expected! EGEA.EU shows the new website. Next days we must fix a few bugs and then it becomes possible to register!

Our apologies to everyone with @EGEA.EU accounts! Receiving email was temporarily not possible today due to changing domain transfer and DNS settings. Should be resolved already or in next ±24 hours!

We hope to migrate the old EGEA website to in the next 1-2 weeks so everybody gets the chance to retrieve information and use it for the new site.

Final steps are taken before launching the new EGEA website. I’d like to inform you on what will happen in the next week(s):

Website migration and official launch – approx. 2 weeks

We estimate that we will transfer the new EGEA website to EGEA.EU in the next 2 weeks. This could lead to EGEA.EU temporarily being inaccessible. We cannot set an exact launch date, since we will try to migrate as soon as possible. For your information: domain name transfers can take up to 1-2 weeks.

At a later stage we will migrate the old EGEA.EU website to OLD.EGEA.EU.

New user registration

If you are part of the EGEA community, please contact your local CP for the instructions on how to register an account on the new website. As alternative, already registered users can visit the Website Development forum and also find instructions on how their EGEA friends can register.

Note: we do not migrate user accounts from the old website due to it’s complexity (20+ year old database). Everybody must create a new account on the new website.

Website development

The main development of this new EGEA website is completed. There are smaller tweaks and bugfixes to deal with and that will be an ongoing proces for the future. The Technical Support Team will need help in the future with help in development and/or moderating the website. Registered users can go to the Website Development forum for their website related questions and comments.

New hosting provider

With the approval of the BoE, the Technical Support Team is going to work with a new hosting provider called Cloudyhost. At Cloudyhost we benefit from a good price/quality service, an intuitive UI for server management, domain and server hosting in 1 (currently they are seperated), and last but not least Cloudyhost uses a datacentre that is run on hydropower.

How to use the new website?

We certainly hope that most functionality of the new website speak for itself. After we migrated the website we have more time for updating the FAQ section and creating new manuals. During the development we kept the practical use and user-friendlyness in mind, if you have any questions please comment below or in the website development forum! 💪

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