1st BoE Live Meeting

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Hello EGEA!

It is finally time for BoE’s first Live Meeting! Right in time for the Congress season we will meet up in Prague for the Weekend

As always you can find our Agenda for the meeting below, so if you want something added to our discussions, just leave a comment here under the announcement.

We are excited for the upcoming Congress season and can’t wait to meet all of you out there.


Josefa, Henrik, Jared, Sigrid, Patrycja and Daniela


  1. Summer OSM
  2. Teamwork
  3. European Youth Forum Membership
  4. Congresses
  5. Working Groups
  6. Promotion of the Application time
  7. ISHA
  8. Open call AC
  9. EGEA Fair
  10. Meeting with the Secretariat
  11. HYR
  12. Missed topics

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