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The European Geographer, which is the semi-scientific magazine of EGEA, is still looking for people to write abstracts for the magazine. The magazine is published annually in September with various articles written by EGEAns. If you are interested in becoming a published author, we need your abstracts by 15 February. 

The abstract is supposed to be quite brief, a few sentences of what you plan to write about are totally sufficient. After your abstract is approved, you have around 2 months to write your article for the European Geographer.

You can decide which kind of article you would like to write:

  • The scientific section contains classic research papers from various branches of geography; EGEAns can e.g. write an article based on their Bachelor or Master thesis research.
  • GeoTALK articles are informal articles that deal with topics related to geography without necessarily including research conducted by the author.
  • In the EGEAscope section short informal articles on EGEA related topics can be found.

If you have already written an article (e.g. as a uni project/ essay), you can submit it anytime. There is no need to worry if you do not feel confident about writing in English because our team proofreads and edits all the articles.

Also, there won’t be a specific topic for the journal, so feel free to write about anything you want to. If you need inspiration, you can read articles of the previous issues on here:

In the hope that we have drawn your attention, we are waiting for your abstracts at the email address .

Kind regards,

Your Chief Editors from the European Geographer

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