5th BoE Meeting

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Happy New Year EGEA!

After taking the holidays of, the Board returns to it’s work with our 5th Meeting on Monday the 9th of January.

As always you can find our Agenda for the meeting below, so if you want something added to our discussions, just leave a comment here under the announcement.

We are excited for what 2023 will bring us here in EGEA and are excited to start into the new year.


Josefa, Henrik, Jared, Sigrid, Patrycja and Daniela


  1. Feeling Round
  2. Task Evaluation
  3. Year Plan
  4. OSM
    1. Winter OSM
    2. Summer OSM
  5. Working Groups
  6. Theme Year
  7. Regional Congresses
  8. Live Meeting
  9. Missed Topics
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