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Dear EGEAns,

The Winter OSM in Tartu, Estonia, finished a week ago which means: Now is the time to start working! One common outcome that emerged in many of the fruitful discussion sessions was the need for a working group!

Many of the topics we discussed are really important for EGEA as a whole and will need quite some effort in 2023. That’s why we need the help from all of you!

Please make sure to read this announcement carefully and share the open calls with other EGEAns in your Entity, Team or wherever you might find them 😀 

The Deadline to apply for the working groups is the 22nd of December!

👉 Open Call to write Appendix J 

Dear EGEAn,

At the General Assembly of the last AC, EGEA and especially the Board has been given the task to form a working group that will take the temporary addition to the Code of Conduct (Appendix E Part II.4) as a foundation, and turn it into a fulltime Appendix. This Appendix will be all about how EGEA can and should handle any war-related issues amongst its members. It is an important working group and one that will require quite a bit of work. Thus we would really appreciate as much help with it as possible. If you are interested in helping to work on this important document, please apply using this document.

If you want to read the counter Proposal again, that led to the formation of the working group, please find it attached here.

If you have any questions about this working group don’t hesitate to contact me, Henrik Stein (President), at

👉 Open call for Restructuring EGEA into 3 new regions

At the WOSM, it was voted on that the working group would pursue restructuring the administrative regions of EGEA, currently 4 named West, East, EuroMed, North and Baltic, into 3 new balanced and flexible regions. The working group will obviously need to decide where the new regions are, but it will also require significant administrative work going through EGEA’s official documents to find and propose amendments to go in the 2023 General assembly proposal. If you’re interested in shaping one of EGEA’s largest and widest changes in years, then please fill in the form attached and be part of making EGEA a more resilient, flexible, and modern organisation.  

Do you have a question about this open call? Then please email me, Jared Young (Secretary), at and let’s make EGEA’s tomorrow better, today. 

👉 Open Call to write a new Strategic Plan for EGEA

The current strategic plan of EGEA will expire in 2023, so we need to create a new one. The strategic plan shall help to ensure that EGEA will improve in quality and evolve structurally in the long term. With this paper, a general outline is set out for the future leaders of EGEA to ensure and follow up on structural changes and improvements that surpass individual leaderships. The Strategic Plan 2020 – 2023 covers three main topics: sustainability, professionalisation and external relations. Do you have ideas on what could be included in our next strategic plan to help EGEA grow and become more resilient, or do you want to help to write it? If so, please apply using this form.

If you want to read the Strategic Plan again, please find it attached here.

If you have any more questions you can contact Josefa Loreth – Vice President ( Don’t hesitate to ask!

Thank you once again for carefully reading this announcement, sharing its content and for your active participation in the working groups!


Henrik, Josefa, Jared, Sigrid, Patrycja and Daniela