4th BoE Meeting Agenda

Category:BoE Announcements

Dear EGEA,

for the last time this year the Board of EGEA will have an e-meeting, before closing down EGEA over the hollidays between the 23rd of December and the 2nd of January.

Below you can find the agenda for the meeting on sunday the 18th of December. As always, if you have any comments or any topics you would like us to discuss, comment them here under the announcement.


Your BoE

Henrik, Josefa, Jared, Sigrid, Patrycja and Daniela


  1. Feeling Round
  2. Task evaluation
  3. Teams
  4. Visibility of our work
  5. TMT
  6. Theme Year
  7. Mailing lists
  8. ISOHA Project
  9. Appendix
  10. T-Shirts
  11. Working Groups
  12. Live Meeting
  13. BoE Evaluation 
  14. AC Voting
  15. Missed Topics