Theme year 2024 election

Dear EGEAns,

During the General Assembly, we will vote for the Theme Year 2024. This year, we’ve received two submissions for topics, they are:

  • Agrifuture – the Future of Agriculture
  • Circular Economy

For the topic of Agrifuture, we’ve received additional information:

Agrifuture – the Future of Agriculture:

This topic combines all disciplines of Geography and only increases in importance as droughts get worse, grain becomes geopolitical and biodiversity gets less. As EGEA we can use our geographical gaze to promote a holistic approach to large scale problems. At the same time we can work on small scale solutions together. From learning how to grow your own zucchinis to revolutioning remote sensing in agriculture, the topic of Agrifuture offers endles possibilities for EGEAns to explore in 2024!