Submit ideas for Theme Year 2024

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Hello EGEAns,

We invite you to submit YOUR idea for the Theme Year 2024 until August 20th 23:59 CEST. EGEA Theme Year is an initiative to create attention towards a certain geographical-related theme during a whole year. Do you have a topic in mind that could use extra attention? Or a topic that you would like to see more in EGEA? Consider submitting a topic. You can also submit a topic together with a group of EGEAns or with your entity!

Topics should be submitted using this form:

Past, current and future EGEA Theme Years

The Theme Year initiative started in 2019. During that year we dedicated attention to the fall of the Iron Curtain and it was decided to continue such annual themes. This year the Theme Year is about Slow Mobility, and e.g. a slow travel competition to the congresses was organised and an interesting workshop by EGEA Green Team about planning slow mobility in cities took place. Also, the Theme Year a separate place on the webpage is reserved for the Theme Year: 

See the list of past, current and future Theme Years of EGEA:

2019 – the Fall of the Iron Curtain

2020 – Sustainable Cities and Communities

2021 – Trees in Need

2022 – Slow Mobility

2023 – Water for Life

2024 – *insert your idea* 

Theme Years can be connected to the Sustainable Development Goals, important historical moments or just a relevant aspect of geography that needs more attention. Ideally, the theme is broad enough, so both human and physical geographers can feel connected to it.

How is a Theme Year elected?

After submitting your topic, you will receive a confirmation email within a few days. 

Depending on the amount of submissions, the board will create a pre-selection of themes. 

An online voting among EGEAns will be organised for the pre-selection. 

The most popular two themes from the online voting  will be presented at the General Assembly. So make sure someone is able to present the theme at the GA!

The entities will vote for their most favourite theme. The winning theme will be the Theme Year 2024!