Open call for board of EGEA and regional contact persons 2022/23

Dear EGEAns,

We officially announce the opening of the application period for the Board of EGEA and Regional Contact Persons of 2022/23. Below, you can find all relevant information.

Board of EGEA

According to the Statutory Base, Article 11, the following six Board positions are to be elected:

  • President
  • Vice President
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • Events Advisor 
  • Public Relations Advisor

Rights and duties of the Board as a whole can be found in the Statutory Base Articles 11 – 13 and the Protocol Article 11, see the new official documents in the Master Folder.

Regional Contact Persons

Additionally, according to the Protocol Articles 11, we are looking for Regional Contact Persons for the regions:

  • East
  • EuroMed
  • North & Baltic
  •  West

Information on the rights and duties of Regional Contact Persons can be found in the Protocol, Article 11.

How to apply?

  • The Application Period for candidates for the official BoE & RCPs positions starts on May 1st;
  • The Application Period lasts until May 31st;
  • Applicants submit their application via email to;
  • Candidates can only apply for one specific Board position;
  • Candidates for the positions of President, Vice-President, Treasurer, Secretary, Event Advisor and Public Relations Advisor cannot apply for the positions of Regional Contact Person in the same year when they apply for Board functions. Same the other way around RCPs can not apply for BoE positions in the same year.
  • The applications will be published by the BoE within the 24 hours after the application deadline.

What should the application look like for RCPs and BoE?

  •  Your up-to-date picture;
  •  Application letter needs to follow this template. It will contain: 
    • Personal introduction;
    • Motivation, goals and vision for EGEA;
    • Study and work experience;
    • Skills and competences;
    • Time availability;
  • Timeline of your EGEA experience using this timeline template

Please send your application letter as a word file (.docx) or Google docs files, your picture as a .jpg or .png file and your timeline as a PowerPoint file (.ppt). Text exceeding the word limits mentioned in the application template will be deleted.

What happens after the application period?

  • The applications will be published on the website no later than 24 hours after the deadline has passed;
  • If there are positions without any candidates, the call is prolonged for these positions only, by two weeks;
  • From the 1 until 30 June there is a month of promotion, such as Q&A sessions, social media promotion, and potentially other activities in consultation with the candidates. All candidates will be informed further about the concrete promotion activities;
  • From 1 until 14 July, member entities vote via e-voting;
  • The results will be announced on July 15th;
  • The selected candidates will be proposed to become the new Board and will be introduced into the work until they are approved by the General Assembly in September.
  • All candidates are strongly invited to participate actively in Summer OSM (8-10 July)

If you have any further question you can always contact us for clarification via the official e-mail address ( for general questions, or write to the current members to their respective email addresses (,,,, and for RCPs to,,, or contact them personally using other platforms.

We are looking forward to your applications!

Your BoE and RCPs 2021/22

Micol, Esther, Marie, Luana, Stan, Henrik, Jenni, Lubos, and Mihaela