Dear EGEAns,

As you already know, we’ve all had our lion’s share of work maintaining an active and prolific student’s association during the past couple of years. As we slowly return to the normal state of things, we have to remind ourselves that EGEA isn’t just events and congresses – it’s also the people that help running it. We are, of course, talking about the wonderful folks in EGEA Teams and Projects.

Various Teams in EGEA are responsible for making sure that our various events stay accessible to all, educational (both in a scientific and personal way for new members), environmentally responsible and financially doable. And now all of you have a unique opportunity to join these noble groups!

We are happy to announce our Signup Sprint, a month-long online campaign which starts on the 15th of March and encourages interested EGEAns to join a Team of their choosing. Throughout the campaign you will be able to learn more about the Teams, and those who join a team will also be added to a raffle for (su)prizes!

You can find the application form below, and you should definitely follow us (and our Teams!) on social media for updates and information!!In hopes of seeing you all become the new faces of EGEA Teams and Projects, we wish you a good month ahead and happy sprinting!

Your EGEA Teams & Projects

Link to the form:

Link to the webpage: