Board Statement: Russian-Ukrainian War

Our association brings together students and young geographers in Europe to create a positive impact on society. We advocate for Europe as a place for friendship across borders, intercultural dialogue and respect for diversity. It is therefore with pain in our hearts, that we woke up to the horror of a large-scale war on our European ground. In EGEA history, we have fostered our European continent in peace and we urge the importance of our values: Friendship, respect, and cultural diversity. 

The current developments in Europe are a big concern to the Board and our thoughts are with all the civilians in insecure situations, who do not have anything to do with this aggression. We call upon leaders to turn away from violence, hostility and war, and to build a Europe upon the aforementioned values. A Europe of peace, that brings us together rather than apart. 

As a member of the European Youth Forum, we support the call for international solidarity with Ukraine. We stand behind entities to find ways to help our European friends, e.g. to express their solidarity or to find shelter. It is our personal duty to make our voices heard and openly express our voices for democracy, freedom and peace. 

With concerns about cyber warfare and misleading information on the internet, we also want to ask you to be careful with what kinds of information you read and share. Keeping in mind our values, we invite EGEAns to make comments or use the forum to reply to our statement, to get in touch with each other in this difficult time and to feel united. Also, don’t hesitate to contact the Board. 

The forum: 


Micol, Esther, Marie, Luana, and Stan