New educational partner: ISOHA

Hello EGEAns,

On the 15th of January Esther (vice-president) had a meeting to discuss a new educational partnership with ISOHA – international students one health alliance. They are similar to EGEA, working with local groups, regions and congresses, focussing on the topic of One Health (human ánd planatary health). This resulted in the following proposal, to work together on:

  • The promotion of common “Global Days”, such as World Earth Day, World Rivers day etc.
  • To explore a “peer learning” project, of some educational webinars by EGEAns and by ISOHAns
  • To invite each other to our congresses.

Do you want to work with EGEA and ISOHA on the “Global Days” and “Peer learning” projects? Contact (preferably before February 6th).

If you want to express your concerns or agreement with this partnership, please do so before February 6th to