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Hi Everyone, 

As you may know, the structure of EGEA Utrecht is quite different than most entities. EGEA Utrecht has a board of its own and each year a new board is constituted. 

About four months ago, on the 22nd of September 2021, the 34th board of EGEA Utrecht was installed. They have constituted as follows:

Jasmijn van der Craats – Chairwoman and CP2
Lara Lancel – Secretary 
Shreeya Patangay – Treasurer 
Stijn Wansink – International Student Affairs Commissioner and CP1

Meanwhile, we are almost halfway through our board year. The last couple of months we learned a lot and we look back at a wonderful first semester. Moreover, we worked hard to fulfil our responsibilities and board tasks as best as possible. We are excited about the upcoming months and hope that the COVID-19 measures will be released soon so we can organize (in person) exchanges soon!

β€œThe only way round is through.” 

Best wishes, 
Jasmijn, Lara, Shreeya and Stijn
The 34th Board of EGEA Utrecht

p.s. Don’t hesitate to contact us: or to follow us on instagram (egeautrecht) or Facebook (EGEA Utrecht)

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