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Hi Everyone, 

As you may know, the structure of EGEA Utrecht is quite different than most entities. EGEA Utrecht has a board of its own and each year a new board is constituted. 

About four months ago, on the 22nd of September 2021, the 34th board of EGEA Utrecht was installed. They have constituted as follows:

Jasmijn van der Craats – Chairwoman and CP2
Lara Lancel – Secretary 
Shreeya Patangay – Treasurer 
Stijn Wansink – International Student Affairs Commissioner and CP1

Meanwhile, we are almost halfway through our board year. The last couple of months we learned a lot and we look back at a wonderful first semester. Moreover, we worked hard to fulfil our responsibilities and board tasks as best as possible. We are excited about the upcoming months and hope that the COVID-19 measures will be released soon so we can organize (in person) exchanges soon!

“The only way round is through.” 

Best wishes, 
Jasmijn, Lara, Shreeya and Stijn
The 34th Board of EGEA Utrecht

p.s. Don’t hesitate to contact us: or to follow us on instagram (egeautrecht) or Facebook (EGEA Utrecht)

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