Potential partnership with writefull

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Dear EGEAns,

We are happy to announce that we are currently looking into a potential affiliate partnership with Writefull. Writefull is a British-Dutch startup with the goal to help students and researchers to improve the quality of their scientific writing in English. More information about the company can be found on their website

A potential partnership could include:

  • EGEA promotes Writefull and gives the company the possibility to present themselves (e.g. at EGEA Fair at congresses);
  • Writefull can give webinars on scientific writing to EGEAns;
  • a discount for members of EGEA for subscriptions, using a discount code;
  • and a commission for EGEA Europe per subscription bought via the EGEA discount code.

The Board finds this an interesting opportunity that would benefit the Association as whole as well as individual members interested in Writefull’s products. The Board has got the opportunity to test these products with Premium access, so we can get yet a better idea of the companies offers.

The Board has the ability to conclude partnership agreements on the behalf of EGEA. Before we take any further steps, however, we want to give our members the opportunity comment on this partnership, especially in case of any concerns. Please share any comments you may have with us below in the comment section until 12 December.

Micol, Esther, Marie, Luana, and Stan
Board of EGEA 2021/22