[Open call] winter osm organizers

Dear entities,

We are looking for an entity that will host the Winter Organisation and Strategy Meeting live during the weekend of the 9th – 12th December 2021. This event should be able to host a minimum of 25 participants excluding orgateam.

Why apply?

  • Host a first official live event in 1,5 years
  • Introduce the international side of EGEA to your entity
  • Get to know new faces in EGEA 
  • You’ll receive €500 funding for this event to keep participation fee low!
  • Great opportunity to learn event organising 

Your application should include:

  • The location + description of meeting rooms (minimum of 2 rooms, of which one has the capacity of all participants – this can also be at university, while the accommodation is a hostel)
  • The number of participants 
  • Estimated budget + participant fee
  • A small introduction into the orgateam and possible evening activities 
  • The (local) covid measures to take into account

(A stable internet connection at the meeting rooms would be appreciated)

Send your application to egea@egea.eu. Deadline for applying is October 24th 23:59 CEST.

Feel free to contact the board personally or through egea@egea.eu if you have questions! We are looking forward to read your applications for organising the Winter Organisation and Strategy meeting 2021.

The organisers should take into account covid restrictions and take precautions to keep the participants safe (the option to open the event to only fully vaccinated persons is encouraged).

Take into consideration that we aim to have a live event, but if the situation will change the event will be held online.

PS. “What is the Winter Organisation and Strategy Meeting?” This is a classic EGEA event, where the Board, Regional Teams, Team & Project Coordinators, Secretariat, Advisory Board, FCC and other interested EGEAns come together. We talk about the future of EGEA, shape new plans and strategies, improve the association and of course get to know each other better! We need room to talk during the daytime, but like a fun night for sure!

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