GA21: date announcement & call for proposals

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GA21: 11, 13 and 25 September

The 2021 General Assembly Meeting will be held online, at the following dates and times: 

11.09.2021 – 1st e-GA session (Proposals overview) at 14.00 CEST.
13.09.2021 – 2nd e-GA session (Financial session) at 18.00 CEST.
25.09.2021 – 3rd e-GA session (Voting session)  at 14.00 CEST.

On 18.09 at 19.00 CEST there will also be a Proposal Café, to discuss the proposals more in depth.

The Regional Meetings will be all together on 20.09.2021 at 19.00 CEST

More detailed information about attending the sessions and voting will be communicated later to your entity email account. We will also keep the events on the website updated with the latest information.

We expect all CPs to find one entity representative for all of these dates to be present at all the sessions and to cast the entity vote. If you are unable to attend the meetings, you can cast your vote via proxy. However, please remember: being present and voting at the GA Meeting is part of the Membership Criteria.

Proposals are accepted until 21 August

The Annual GA Meeting has as a main purpose to discharge and approve entities and official positions (Board, RCPs, Secretariat Coordinator, FCC, Advisory Board), as well as vote on proposals to improve our association. 
Everyone in EGEA can submit a proposal before the GA! 

Do you have an idea how to change or improve something in EGEA? Did you notice something from the Protocol, its appendices or the Statutory Base which doesn’t make sense or is outdated? Is there a rule which you want to change or clarify?
NOW is your chance to change it!

If you want to write a proposal, please don’t hesitate to contact Rhune, the Vice President of EGEA. She is coordinating the GA and proposals, so she can help translate your idea into a proposal. Furthermore, she has the overview of which proposals are in the pipelines, so if there is someone with a similar idea she can connect you.
To help you get started, you can find the proposal template here, and watch this video to learn how to write a proposal. The current version of the Statutory Base, Protocol and all relevant appendices is accessible here.

Since, according to the Protocol, all proposals must be sent to the Board 20 days prior to the General Assembly, the deadline for sending finalized proposals is 21 August 23.59 CEST

Then final agenda with all proposals will be send to the entities on 26 august. 

We are looking forward to your input, 

Your Board 20/21
Rhune, Victoria, Basten, Daria