GA 21: Proposals

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The deadline for submitting proposals for the General Assembly of 2021 has passed yesterday. Therefore, we present you with all proposals which were sent in. Please use the time left before the GA to read them, discuss with fellow EGEAns about their content, and do not hesitate to leave comments in the proposals or to contact the proponents directly if you have any ideas for improvement.

You can find all proposals here. For commenting, please sign in, and be respectfull in your communication.

If you wish to write an amendement or counter proposal, please contact Rhune ( or the proponents as they will be open to your suggestions and can help you with the creation of the amendement or counter proposal.

Changes to these proposals, by the proponents are still allowed until 26/08 at noon (12.00 CEST). After this, the proposals with the final agenda will be send by email to the entities and changes can only be done through amendement or counter proposal.

The GA21 will take place on the following times:
11 September at 14.00 CEST
13 September at 18.00 CEST
25 September at 14.00 CEST

All entities are invited to select their entity representative until 31 August 23.59 CEST. At least 50% of the entities need to be present at the General Assembly for it to be valid.

For any questions related to the General Assembly, please do not hesitate to contact the Board or your Regional Team.

Rhune, Victoria, Alex and Daria