Current status of the eastern entities (August 2021)


As stated in the Protocol, a Regional Team is ought to publish the status of the entities 20 days prior the the General Assembly (GA). Below you can find a table of the eastern entities. This status might still change until the GA as there are still a few more forms to fill in that can bring some points to the entities (attending 5th Eastern E-Meeting, filling in the Entity Survey and Annual Regional Report etc.).

The final list will be published after it is clear how many Membership Criteria were fulfilled in total by each entity. Our entities have already received an email with a summary of the Membership Criteria and more information.

entitycurrent pointscurrent status (21st August 2021)
Bucharest9 active
Chernivtsi2proposed to be discharged
Cluj-Napoca8 active
Izhevsk6candidate entity
Kherson2proposed to be discharged
Kraków8 active
Lutsk4less active
Lviv8 active
Olomouc8 active
Prague8 active
(candidate entity last year, they need at least 6 points)
Timișoara8 active
Warsaw8 active
Wroclaw2less active

*The total points and the status might change until the GA 2021 as there are still some forms to fill that can bring points to the entities.
activeThis entity already has at least 8 from 11 points in the Membership Criteria and has the ”active” status assured  for the year 2020/2021.
?This entity, for the moment, has an uncertain status because it depends on how many criteria will still fulfil in the next weeks. If they will fulfil the missing points and will reach at least 8 points, then they will be ”active”. If they won’t fulfil enough criteria to reach 8 points, they will be considered ”less active”
less activeThis entity, even if it fills the missing criteria,do not have chances  to get the ”active” status for this year. They will bee ”less active” and next year they have to try to be ”active” in order not to be proposed for discharging.
proposed to be dischargedThis entity had “less active” status both last year and this year. They will be proposed to be discharged. They still have a hope if the GA votes for them to still be an entity.
Explanation of the status categories.