Advisory Board Applications 21/22

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We have received two applications for Advisory Board 21/22. You can read both applications here.

As there are 3 places in the Advisory Board, the call will be extended until 4 September 23.59 CEST. We are looking froward to more applications! Read all details on how to apply below.

Extended Call for Advisory Board 21/22

The ADVISORY BOARD is a body formed by three experienced individuals of the Association. Its main tasks are to advise and supervise the Board of EGEA. The Advisory Board cannot perform any executive tasks nor has it any decision-making power within the Association. Apply for AB 21/22 until 4 September 23:59 CEST!

According to the Protocol, Article 20, the Advisory Board consists of three individuals, from which one is reserved for a Board member or a Regional Contact Person from the previous three years.

A member of the Advisory Board can be re-elected only once, unless there are no other candidates.

During their term, the members of the Advisory Board cannot hold any other position in the Association except the entity Contact Person. 

The main duties of the positions can be found here in the Protocol, Article 20

  • To stay in a close communication with the Board and up to date about their work.
  • To advise the Board whenever requested by the Board.
  • To express their concern to the Board about violations of the Statutory Base or Protocol of EGEA and/or decisions which are considered harmful for the Association.
  • To prepare a written report about the work of the Board and present it at the General Assembly together with a recommendation about discharging the Board.
  • To take on a mediating function between the Board and other bodies, members and/or individuals of the Association, in case their expertise is requested. Working in this function should not be reported on.
  • To maintain the body e-mail account

Are you interested in taking on a position in the Advisory Board? Please send your applications to until 4 September, 23:59 CEST! Do not publish it in any way and please include the following in your application:

  • evidence of sufficient EGEA experience to fulfil an advisory function
  • skills, competences
  • motivation to apply
  • photo

The applications will be published by the Board of EGEA within 24 hours after the closing of the application period.
The General Assembly decides from the candidates who to elect for the Advisory Board.
The elected Advisory Board takes over full responsibility after being approved by the General Assembly and the term lasts until the next General Assembly.

If you have any questions concerning the work of the AB, you are welcome to contact the previous AB, Marek Borkowski, Ines Stadler and Pietu Niinimäki or current AB Darius Shuttler and Rick de Graaf  at

We are looking forward to seeing your applications!

If you have any further questions you can always contact us for clarification by the official email address ( 

Your BoE
Rhune, Victoria, Alex, Daria