Alumni X-Mas Event

„.. Last Christmas I gave you my heart, but the very next day you gave it away...” This song by Wham and the sale of Lebkuchen in every supermarket is a clear sign that Christmas is coming closer. And even if the rainy autumn weather doesn’t quite awaken the Christmas spirit yet, EGEA Augsburg Alumni...

Christmas market weekend vol. 4.0

Jena Jena, Germany

You will be hosted by our lovely entity members, who will provide you with a place to sleep and breakfast. They’ll also lead you to our meeting points. The use of public transport is included in the participant fee. Programm | Travel Info | What to bring More details will follow soon. The final program...


EGEA Graz welcomes EGEA Belgrade

EGEA Graz welcomes Belgrade to Austria for the first part of their exchange. The event will take place from 16th to 19th of December 2022.

Secret Santa

University of Belgrade Faculty of Geography Studentski trg 3, Belgrade, Serbia

For the first time our entity decided that we should organize Secret Santa event. That way our newbies and oldies will get an opportunity to get to know eachother better. ORGA TEAM: LOCATION:

EGEA Marburg welcomes EGEA Tartu

Marburg Deutschhausstraße 10, Marburg, Germany

EGEA Marburg welcomes EGEA Tartu - Exchange


EGEA Freiburg welcomes EGEA Greifswald

all over Freiburg Münsterplatz, Freiburg, Germany

EGEA Freiburg is hosting EGEA Greifswald as 2nd part of the Greifswald-Freiburg exchange.


Winter Weekend

Winter weekend organised by EGEA Zurich from 19th to 22th of January. See you there!


EGEA Budapest hike at Visegrád

Visegrád Visegrád, Hungary

Hello everyone!   We would like to invite all of you for the first hike of the year.This will be an easy one, we will walk a maximum of 8 km, but it will include lots of beautiful places, so the trip will be around 4-5 hours long.  We will go to Visegrád by bus it...

EGEA Ghent welcomes EGEA Utrecht

All around Ghent Ghent, Belgium

EGEA Ghent is hosting EGEA Utrecht as 1st part of the exchange.

Motivational Weekend by EGEA Beograd

Fruška gora mountains Zmajev trg 1, Čerević, Serbia

Traditionally, EGEA Belgrade organizes a motivational weekend for its members. This time it will be held on one of the most popular mountains in Serbia. Like last year, EGEA Novi Sad will join us. ORGA TEAM: Andrej Jovanović Sretenka Simić Andrijana Miladinović Emilija Miletić Nikola Jovanović LOCATION:


EGEA Bucharest welcomes EGEA IAȘI

Mark your calendars, EGEA Bucharest and EGEA Iași are finally meeting in Bucharest. After 2 gatherings in Iași we are finally able to return the exchange.

EGEA Kraków welcomes you to Dętki!

Hello everyone! We warmly invite you to our traditional winter event DĘTKI. For those who haven't heard about it yet, it's riding downhill on tubes (a part of a tire). If you want to have fun and take part in the competition, join us! We're waiting for you :) The event is a our Institute's...