EGEA Kraków welcomes you to Dętki!

Hello everyone! We warmly invite you to our traditional winter event DĘTKI. For those who haven't heard about it yet, it's riding downhill on tubes (a part of a tire). If you want to have fun and take part in the competition, join us! We're waiting for you :) The event is a our Institute's...


Traditionally, EGEA Belgrade organizes a motivational weekend for its members. This time it will be held in a sanatorium Ovčar Banja in Central Serbia. Like in the previous years, EGEA Novi Sad will join us.

Teambuilding Kegelabend

We as EGEA Hannover are finally able to "start" together into the new year with the upcoming wednesdays evening. We'll celebrate in a traditional german establishment: a so-called "Kegelbahn". If you want to join, you are happily invited!

Winter carpathians

Greetings, EGEAns!We invite you to spend the weekend with us. Let's discover ukrainian cultural landscapes, exchange thoughts and simply have a rest!When? March 1-3Where? Kolochava Village, Zakarpattia region, Ukraine.It might sounds scary to travel to Ukraine during fullscale war, but we assure you, we'll do our best to make this trip safe. Here few reasons...


Cluj-napoca welcomes timisoara

Cluj-Napoca Cluj, Romania

EGEA Cluj-Napoca Welcomes EGEA Timisoara for a great time during the weekend with cool and relaxed activities


EGEA Joensuu welcomes EGEA Budapest for the first part of our exchange! Can't wait to meet you all in Finland <3

EGEA Ljubljana welcomes EGEA Bochum

First part of the exchange between EGEA Ljubljana and EGEA Bochum where we showed our German friends Ljubljana with the surrounding regions, including a lot of karst, the coastline, snowy hills and lakes.

EGEA Groningen welcomes EGEA brussels

EGEA Groningen is very excited to welcome EGEA Brussels and show them everything our lovely city and people has to offer!

Western REGIONAL Congress 2024

Latest News The Open Call for Workshopleaders and Trainers has started and is open until the 31th of December. For those of you who already have an idea for a workshop or training please see us on the 13th of December for a Q&A session on Zoom (see your entity emails for a link or...


EGEA Brussels welcomes EGEA Zadar

EGEA Brussels is very excited to welcome EGEA Zadar and show them everything of our lovely and very interesting city!

EGEA Budapest welcomes egea Joensuu

We can't wait to meet you guys again! Our program will include sightseeing around the historical buildings of the Hungarian capital, many tasty hungarian foods, a campus tour, and even a cruise on the Danube! And cats! ;)

Pre-WRC 2016

Date: 25/03/2016 - 28/03/2016 Location: Brno, Czech Republic Description: Pre-WRC Power of beer - Shaping minds and society! EGEA is awesome association in awesome 4 regions. Our country is on this regional border, which we would like destroy and make more cross-region activities. Especially with our lovely friends in Austria! That's reason why we decided...

Newbie Weekend by EGEA Vienna

Date: 11/11/2016 - 13/11/2016 Location: Austria ;) - 7212 Forchtenstein, Boku-Lehrforst Heuberg Note! Hey all you lovely EGEA-People out there! Guys you are amazing. We already have over 50 registrations, so basically we are FULL. But of course you can still register and get a place on the waiting list. In case one of the...

Pre-ERC 2015

TRAVEL-INFO: To get to Kraków by plane or bus should be easy. If you have plane or bus earlier than Friday - it is not a problem! EGEA Kraków has many friendly members - it will be a pleasure for them to host you :) To get to Murzasichle from Kraków you can hitch-hiking (which...