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Hessian Weekend Vol. 2

25 July from 14:00 to 28 July from 14:00 CEST


Gude, as we say in Hessia,

But what exactly is this Hessia? Good thing you asked!

For all cultural lowbrows in the world: Hessia is one of the 16 German federal states and is located in the centre of Germany. We are also the home of Apple Wine, Bembels and the starting point of the racoon invasion of Europe. In fact, raccoons originally came from North America but in 1934 the first raccons were released at the Edersee for hunting purposes. Now racoon are the menace of european housing.

If you want to find out more about Hessia, Apple Wine and raccoons, prepare yourself for an exciting weekend with EGEA Marburg and our raccoon Pedro at the Edersee.

The event will take place on July 25-28 at the Edersee Sports and Study Centre of the Philipps-Universität Marburg. Since we are only 20 meters away from a lake you should definitely pack your swimming trunks and sunglasses!



Hohe Fahrt 14
Vöhl, Hessen 34516 Germany

How to get to the Location

Basically you have two options to arrive. Either you come by car to the above address of the Sport- und Studienheim Edersee of the Philipps-Universität Marburg. There will be enough parking spaces at the accommodation, but we recommend you to do some carpooling (there will be an excel for this). The second possibility is to travel by train to the train station “Vöhl Herzhausen“. Be careful! It could be that you have to press a stop button on the train otherwise it might happen it won’t stop. From the train station you can have a nice hike to the accommodation (50min next to the lake) or order a “Bus-Taxi (AST)”

Shuttle transports are only offered in emergencies on the day of arrival. Waiting 30min for the bus is not an emergency ;).

Of course you can also arrive by bike at the accommodation if you want to be very Eco friendly.

If you have further questions you can ask us in the Whatsapp group or write a mail to marburg@egea.eu

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Registration Hessian Weekend Vol. 2

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5 days left to RSVP

Who's coming?

50 people are attending Hessian Weekend Vol. 2


Pictures of the Accommodation



Guided Ranger Tour through the “Kellerwald-Edersee” National Park (10-12km, 5-6h)

The tour starts at the car park “Strieder-Eiche” and walk from the Asel Bay to the “Katzenberg” (Cat Mountain). Where you will have a magnificent view of the Edersee. From there the path will get more narrow and harder to climb while we will continue your journey to the “Lindenberg”. The following path will be very overgrown, and the “Edersee” only appears through the treetops just in a few places. Your last attraction point will be the “Hünselburg” with the remains of medieval ramparts.                

During the hike you will find a rare flora and a lot of different types of stones. At one point you will also see a landslide, which will be avoided via a secured path.

There will be 1-2 other big excursions. More informations coming soon!

Leisure Activities


Do you want to relax from the pressure of everyday life? Then our yoga leisure activity is the best way to help you with our coaches Michelle & Bastian. Both are true experts and are giving yoga session on a regular basis.

Volleyball / Soccer

If you want to play a match of beach volleyball or football, register. Here you can not only do some sports but also prove your skills or improve them with the help of our leisure coaches.

Arts & Meditation

Are you a creative type and want to express yourself artistically? If so, why not visit Marielle & Lisa’s leisure activity where you will not only learn a few new drawing skills but also something about yourself

Free Time Activities

Stand UP Paddle

Have you always wanted to paddle standing up? At the Hessian Weekend you have the opportunity to use our SUPs for free during the whole day.

Floristic Scavenger Hunt

Our raccoon Pedro is a huge fan of the traditional hessian green sauce, but he doesn’t have all the ingredients for it. Can you help him and find all 7 ingredients at lake edersee?

Packing list

Lunch box
Water bottle
Name tag keychain
suitable footwear
comforter covers/ sleeping bags
Weatherproof clothing

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