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EGEA Train Orient Express Edition

14 August from 08:00 to 24 August from 17:00 CEST

*Dates might change slightly

About the Event

There have been many events in the last few years since the pandemic came to a halt. The  vast majority of them were centered around traveling to a certain place, spending a few nights in an accommodation and enjoying a program tailored around the location the event was taking place at. 

Heavily inspired by Events like the Trans-Siberian Railway or TTT we thought about a new kind of Venture unlike the Weekends and Congresses everybody got used to. The idea  to travel across Europe meeting new people has always been a core value of EGEA and the “Orient Express” will be a new approach to boost it even further. 

Following the steps of Agatha Christies famous novel we plan on taking you on a long journey starting from the splendour of Budapest to the vast city of Bucharest, the illustrious bulgarian capital and all the way to the burstling city of Istanbul. It will be the first EGEA event to cross over to another continent.

The passengers of the EGEA train will have to opportunity to learn about the culture, history and cuisine of four different countries in one single trip. For every city we created a small program to make the most out of your stay there. But that does not mean that passengers cant bring in their own ideas on what to see and do.

To make this event unforgettable, were in need of unforgettable people. To make sure that you will be one of them, we created an anonymous application process focused on the qualities our passengers should bring on a trip like this.

The participant fee covers all trains taken from Budapest to Istabul, the accomodations in every city plus program expenses (Museums or Monuments). Everything else needs to be paid by the participants themseves, so make sure plan in some money for food and souvenirs.

Possible Route

PArticipant fee

299 €


Please fill out the following docs and sign up via the RSVP button for a succesfull registration. Incomplete registrations are invalid!

Edit: The registration endet already on 01.05.2025 if you`re still interestead please message us via mail: unbound@egea.eu



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