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ERC 2023 – Living in the Mountains

3 April 2023 from 13:00 to 7 April 2023 from 10:00 Europe/Bucharest

Next year’s Eastern Regional Congress will have the theme ‘Living in the Mountains’, as the event will showcase the authentic mountainous life in Romania. Through the workshops, the participants will discover aspects about geomorphology and geology, cultural tourism, traditional practices, climate change and its impact and hydropower. It is going to be the perfect opportunity to explore a region with breathtaking nature and an unique character that stays unchanged throughout these dynamic times we now live in.



The ERC will be take place in the Western Carpathians, 1.5 hours away from the city of Cluj-Napoca. The location is close to the Apuseni Natural Park, which encompasses extraordinary mountains, forests, waterfalls and caves, some of which will be visited in the excursions of the workshops. The accomodation itself has a campfire place, saunas, 3 conference rooms, a large field for football, voleyball and horse riding, and there is also a paintball field nearby.


The workshops we want to organise at the ERC will offer an insight into a variety of aspects relevant for this region of Romania: the dynamics and interactions of ethnicities, the local traditions, climate change and the processes through which the Carpathian mountain chain was formed, which is perfectly described by the rocks. There will also be an additional, special workshop about organising congresses.

All that being said, we are starting the open call for workshop leaders! All you have to do is to look in the list bellow, choose a workshop that catches your attention, register through the RVSP and then send us an email with a motivational letter about why you want to lead that particular workshop and your experience in the topic. For those who want to apply to lead the workshop ‘How to organise a congress’, we are looking for experienced people who have been either EPRA/EA, or main coordinator of at least one congress, or coordinator for at least 2 congresses (Participants coordinator, Green coordinator etc).

Please send an email to the following address: erc2023@egea.eu

  • Geomorphological mosaics

The Apuseni Mountains, formed in alpine orogeny, are relatively young mountains, but have a wide variety of rocks – so this way, we can talk about a so called “petrographical” mosaic. However, the predominant formations are the limestones, so we can bring into light one of the most iconic European karst regions.

  • Water power

Right after thermal energy, hydropower is the main source of energy production in Romania (producing more than 25% of the total annual energy in the country). The region of Apuseni Mountains is one of the best regions for the placement of the hydropower stations. Would Apuseni Mountains have potential to also develop other types of renewable energy power plants?

  • Climate change measurement and tracking

Climate change, one of the main contemporary issues, has many visible effects all around the world. What is the impact of climate change on Apuseni Mountains – home of more than 30 natural habitats, each with its own biodiversity? Will the intensification of natural hazards slow down even more the development of the people who live here?

  • Traditional practices in the modern world

As in every mountain settlement in Romania, pasturing, subsistence farming and wood harvesting were always present in the area and the tradition is maintained until the present days. These practices shaped the landscapes and the biodiversity that can be found nowadays in the Apuseni Mountains. Across time, regulations of the natural protected areas and higher market requirement for wood led to some illegal activities in the Romanian Carpathians. How do these activities impact the environment and the community? Which are the involved factors?

  • Cultural tourism

Romanians, Hungarians, Germans. This is the shortest and most stereotypical description of Transylvania, and by default of the Apuseni Mountains. Here, the hard living conditions had made these people learn to cooperate, building along the time a rich cultural heritage. What is the current status of these communities and how is their cooperation? Is the multiculturalism an element valued by the Transylvanian tourism? How can we successfully integrate the cultural diversity in the development of the tourism in the area?

  • How to organise a congrees?

Everyone likes congresses, right? This workshop will be dedicated to those who want to learn how to organise a congress. Whether a newbie or a more experienced EGEAn, this workshop will be essential for them to gain an insight into the work that is done behind the scenes of such a large event. It is also a great opportunity for the people that will be in the OrgaTeams of the congresses in 2024 to get a jumpstart and already get accustomed to the work that has to be done in order to have a 5* congress.

The Romanian entities are delighted to organise the ERC 2023 and are waiting for you in the beautiful Carpathian Garden!

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