Can I pay with euros at the congress?

No, at the congress we will only accept Swiss francs. In case you forgot to get some in Bern, you still have the chance to withdraw Swiss francs at the ATM in Sigriswil.

What do I have to bring with me?

You will have to bring your own sleeping bag (it is required to sleep in a sleeping bag) and a towel. Furthermore, we recommend you to have some good (hiking) shoes (don’t forget that you’re visiting Switzerland and that you will for sure have to face at least one mountain ;) ) and clothes for all kind of weather (show that you are a real geographer!). If you want to keep nice memories, we recommend you to bring your camera. Finally, don’t forget to bring some culinary specialties (as well as drinks) for the cultural fair – we’re very much looking forward to travelling through Europe on Sunday night!