Dear supporter of EGEA,

A donation from you helps us to realise the potential of our Association for our members.
Even a small contribution can make a difference.

What will happen with the donations?
Your contribution will be used either for a dedicated fund or the Association. You can click below for more information:

The EGEA Support Fund is a fund, for which EGEAns can apply, to make their attendance at administrative or scientific EGEA events possible. The money is collected through voluntary donations at EGEA events, via the Donate Button on the website, PayPal or bank transfer.
You can find more about this fund here or you can contact
These donations will be used for administration costs, development and maintenance of the website, promotional material, etc. For more information you can contact

Accepting Donations
A donation shall not be accepted if it could compromise the independence of EGEA.
EGEA will not knowingly accept funding or assistance from a company, business or individual that profits from illegal activities or fails to uphold basic human rights within its sphere of influence.

Details of all donations, gifts, grants and other resources from external sources, and their use, will be published in the EGEA annual reports and accounts, making plain the valuation and auditing methods used.

How can I donate?
Please fill in the form below and click donate. This will redirect you to a paypal page with all the details of the donation and where you can choose the payment method (PayPal, credit card or debit card).

How do I end the montly donations?
Please log into PayPal and go to your profile under ‘My Account,’ then ‘Preapproved Payments’, and end the repeating donation there.

What will happen to the donations?
Your donation will be either used for a dedicated fund (Scientific Content, Support Fund, Trainings) or the Association.
After your donation you will receive a confirmation email to thank you for your donation.
If we don’t receive any message what the donation shall be used for, EGEA will use your donation in the best way possible and where the highest need is.

If the plugin below doesn’t work, please use this link to donate.

Donation Information

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Our bank details

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European Geography Association
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Friends of EGEA 

You are probably wondering what “Friends of EGEA” is and how does it differ from the donation system EGEA already has (see left side). Friends of EGEA is beneficial system of regular donations to our Association. You become a member of “Friends of EGEA” by donating a few euros to the Association each month. This is the main differences to the Donate button, since that is actually intended for non-regularly donations. You as donor also get benefits by regular donations. The money you donate goes to the pot which helps us realising the potential of our Association. We all know, that even a small contribution can make a big difference.


When being a part of “Friends of EGEA” you will benefit in different ways. In order to gain membership you need to donate a minimum of 5€ each month. To express our gratitude you will regularly receive different “thank you gifts” from EGEA. For example, reports, promo material, calendars or something similar! Of course it is up to you how much you want to donate every month. Moreover, you can also donate any amount a single time. This is always welcome and it helps us to achieve our goals and support our members.


If you decide to donate regularly, just use the existing donation system (left side) and klick “on repeat donation” and fill your data or make a bank transfer (see bank details above). We will then contact you to get your postal address so we can send you material.


Thank you for your support!