When we will open the registrations?
The registrations will be open on the 20th of April until the 20th of May.

Why I have to choose between workshops and trainings only one of them?
During the 3rd day of the congress, workshops and trainings will take part in the same time and you can be part only in one of them. You have to choose the first 3 workshops or trainings you prefer on your priority list when you sign up and you will be assigned to one of them after the order you have chosen.

When I will choose my excursion and my T-Shirt size?
One month before the congress starts, you will receive a document where you can tell us your excursion preferences and your size.

How much cost a beer/ bottle of wine in Predeal?
In the nearby shops the prices are as following:
– 0,5L beer costs 3 Lei (0,7 EUR);
– 1L beer costs 4 Lei (0,9 EUR);
– 2,5L beer costs 7 Lei (1,6 EUR);
– 1L bottle of wine costs 12 Lei (2,8 EUR);

The best beers are Ciucas, Timisoreana and Ursus. The best wines are Cotnari and Recas.

Where I can learn some essential Romanian words from?
You can learn some from here:
– Hello! = Ceau (chow);
– Good day! (when in doubt use this) = Bună Ziua! (BOO-nuh ZEE-wah);
– Good Morning! = Bună dimineaţa! (BOO-nuh dee-mee-NYAH-tsah);
– Good Evening = Bună seara (BOO-nuh SYAH-rah);
– Good Night (only said when going to bed) = Noapte bună (NWAHP-teh BOO-nuh);
– How are you? = Ce faci? (cheh fahch);
– Thank you = Mulţumesc (mool-tsoo-mesk);
– You’re welcome = Cu plăcere (coo pluh-cheh-reh);
– Yes = Da (dah);
– No = Nu (noo);
Also you can learn more from http://www.romanianlessons.com/basicTravelRomanian.htm.