The European Geographer (EG) is an online and printed magazine that publishes scientific and other Geography or EGEA related articles written by members of our association. We enable EGEAns to experience the process of being published and contribute to the association’s scientific mission.

Who are we?


Dymphie Burger (EGEA Bonn) | Maike Nowatzki (EGEA Tübingen)



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What are we doing?

  • We give EVERY EGEAN the opportunity to publish your scientific work, field trip report, book review, or whatever article about Geography or EGEA you have written. Did we mention that we have an ISSN number and therefore indeed are a “proper” magazine?
  • Our EDITING TEAM reviews and edits all articles to be published. Guidelines, trainings, and contact persons are provided, so that also inexperienced people with a reasonable knowledge of the English language can edit. While helping our authors to improve their articles, editors will increase their own scientific writing expertise.
  • The LAYOUT TEAM is in charge of the looks of our magazine. They embed the articles into a professional looking design. For people who do not have inDesign / layouting experience we offer trainings at live meetings or via skype.
  • A well edited and layouted magazine wants to be read. That’s why our PR TEAM promotes the European Geographer at any given opportunity – on our facebook page, at congresses, in the

We welcome EVERYBODY to read the EG, write for the EG, or work for the EG. We’re happy to work with any level of pre-knowledge you might (or might not) have and will provide guidance and training in scientific writing, editing, and layouting.


Besides all the work we do, the European Geographer is a committee that involves great fun and meeting amazing people. Joining the EG means having the chance to experience legendary live meetings involving tons of ice cream, making great friends, having deep discussions about the books we love, and being infected by a great passion for journalism and science.


And when you’re finally holding a printed issue of the magazine in your hands, you will know the work was worth it.


Current projects

The European Geographer has published 15 issues so far, which are all available online. We are currently working on issue 16 and expect it to be published around the Annual Congress 2019.


Working for the European Geographer is very motivating because I can actually do something about helping people to publish their articles and improve their scientific writing. And of course it is super cool to in the end hold an actual magazine in your hands, that you know you have contributed to.” (Tobias Michl, Layout-Team)

Being a part of the EG committee not only gives an insight into working for a magazine – it is a unique chance for creative discussions and friendly meetings with other EGEAns in lovely places around Europe!” (Justyna Piątyszek, Editing-Team)


If you have an interesting article to be published in the EuropeanGeographer or want to join our team, please write an E-Mail to

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