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EGEA Green started as a Project Group at the GA 2013 in Wasilkow, Poland, getting upgraded to a Committee at the GA 2015 in Someren, the Netherlands.

Open Space at the Annual Congress 2017: Brainstorming about the Waste Free Week.

Open Space at the Annual Congress 2017: Brainstorming about the Waste Free Week.

Who are we?

We are a group of motivated EGEAns from different entities around Europe, who want to improve the environmental behavior of our association – during the events as well as in everyday life of the members. We try to achieve this goal through discussions as well as by establishing and intensively working on projects. EGEA Green gives you many opportunities to express and pursue your own ideas.


Current representatives of the Committee:

Runa Witte (EGEA Osnabrück) and Andrew Alexander Caruana (EGEA Malta)

Our aim is to raise environmental awareness and help entities, events and individuals minimize their ecological footprint. As a young committee, we are very flexible with the ways to accomplish that. It is important that every member can contribute to the content and that projects are formulated as a result of a team effort.

Soon at a Congress in your Region :)

Current projects

The Green Book for entities and event organisers consists of guidelines to become an EGEA Green approved entity or event. For constant improvement, it is updated annually. Here is the current version: We also aim at making the Green Book more visible within EGEA and to make it more frequently used by entities and event organisers in order to make sustainable practices the new normal in EGEA.


Waste Free Week (1-2x a year) where EGEA Green motivates fellow EGEAns (individuals or teams) to avoid as much waste as possible throughout a specific week and to share their achievements on social media. Within the Waste Free Week, not only individual actions, but also the organisation of events promoting a waste free lifestyle are being encouraged.


Sustainable travel projects: all kind of projects and incentives that encourage EGEAns to travel by environmental friendly means of transportation. One project is to create a reward for EGEAns who traveled sustainably to e.g. a congress. Another idea to create an overview of websites, search engines, bus- & train companies that help EGEAns to find sustainable travel options.


Green activities at congresses (such as Workshops on Zero Waste, Flashmobs, etc.) is a project group that focuses on preparing such activities that either the organizers can implement in their event program or participants can (spontaneously) organize.


Communication of environmental and sustainability issues via social media and the website.


Support the mapping of sustainable places throughout Europe in cooperation with our partner-organization International Young Naturefriends (IYNF) and their mapping tool We encourage EGEAns to use this tool and map places in cities they know themselves to make sustainable places more accessible for everyone.


EGEA Flea Market is a forum topic, where you can exchange clothes/things you do not need anymore. Here is the link: It is also aimed at organizing flea markets or cloths exchanges at congresses.


Upcycling activities at our Live Meeting in Augsburg


Waste free shopping is the best :)

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