EGEA’s Teams are groups of volunteers working on a specific topic and a main goal, with various different projects related to this topic. You can find the mandates of the Teams in Protocol Appendix D (here). Every Team has a Team Coordinator and several members (ranging from 2 to 15). However, they can always use an extra helping hand, so don’t hesitate to contact any Team if you want to get more involved in EGEA! 


Teams have regular e-meetings and meet in real life one or two times per year, if possible. There are a million reasons why being part of a Team in EGEA is amazing, but one of the most important reasons is the people you meet and work with. You can find more information about all different Teams on their pages below.


Besides the Teams, EGEA also has Projects. These are smaller working groups that are developing a new idea or project in EGEA. Either the project has a fixed end goal and ceases to exist after, or the project becomes part of an EGEA team once the growing pains are out of it. At the moment we have four active projects in EGEA. You can find further information about them on their pages below.


EGEA is a continuously developing association with the Teams and Projects are the motor of change. If you have an idea or want to implement something new, contact me and we will see how we can realise this. 


Rhune Van Cleemput

Vice President of EGEA 2020-2021