The European Geographer (EG) is an international online and printed magazine for EGEAns to publish both scientific and other articles. It is for those who want to share their knowledge about different aspects of Geography or read what others wrote about interesting topics.
European Geographer Team

Who are we?

The Editorial Board of the European Geographer consists of about 25 EGEAns who are interested in editing and writing articles (Editing-team), working on creative layout solutions (layout-team), and advertising our magazine (PR-team). Heads of the Editorial Board are our two Chief Editors: Andreia Danila (EGEA Cluj-Napoca, second from left) and Maike Nowatzki (EGEA Tübingen, third from left).

What are we doing?

The European Geographer gives EGEAns the opportunity to publish their scientific work in an official journal. Since the EG has an ISSN number, the articles indeed count as publications. Authors do not have to be in the Editorial Board to publish their scientific work.

There are not only scientific articles published in the European Geographer, but also short non-scientific ones that are either of EGEA related content (“EGEAscope”) or deal with any topic concerning Geography (“GeoTALK”).

The main task of the Editorial Board is not to write, but to review and edit the articles. Guidelines and contact persons are provided for that work, so that also inexperienced persons with a reasonable knowledge of the English language can do it. We need grammar pedants, reference checkers, and people who are willing to help our authors improve their articles while learning a lot for their own writing.

Besides the editing-team, we have a group of people in the Editorial Board who are in charge of the looks of our magazine: the layout-team. We are always happy about inDesign users joining our layout-team, so if you are able to handle the program: Don’t hesitate to contact us!

After a beautifully layouted magazine is filled with well-edited articles it wants to be read. Our PR-team is there to advertise our issues and to promote the European Geographer in general. The organisation of our three sub-teams is done by two Chief Editors.

If you are interested in journalism, layouting, editing, or promotion: We would love you to work on the next issue with us. We are usually having about 4 to 6 e-meetings and 1 to 2 live meetings a year – all full of work, but also fun, with an amazing group of EGEAns. And when you’re finally holding a printed issue in your hands, you will know the work was worth it.

Current projects

The European Geographer has published 13 issues so far, which are all available online. Issue 14, which contains articles from the Scientific Symposium 2013, will be published in March/April 2017. Issue 15 is planned to be published before the Annual Congress 2017.

You can read all of our published issues on our issuu-website.

Working for the European Geographer is very motivating because I can actually do something about helping people to publish their articles and improve their scientific writing. And of course it is super cool to in the end hold an actual magazine in your hands, that you know you have contributed to.” (Tobias Michl, Layout-Team)

Being a part of the EG committee not only gives an insight into working for a magazine – it is a unique chance for creative discussions and friendly meetings with other EGEAns in lovely places around Europe!” (Justyna Piątyszek, Editing-Team)


If you have an interesting article to be published in the European Geographer or want to join our team, please write an E-Mail to If you want to be provided with grammar fun facts, things that an EGEAn says, or updates about our issues: Visit and like our Facebook page
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