2nd Boe Meeting 2023/24

Category:BoE Announcements

Dear EGEAns,

tomorrow on the 9th of October 2023 at 6 pm we have our next official meeting. Down below you can see the main topics we want to talk about during the meeting. If there is a topic missing that we should talk about please let us know about it (egea@egeau.eu).

1 Feeling Round
2 General Stuff
2.1 What is everyone up to?
2.2 Updates ToDo List
4 East Regional Team – Regional Assistants
5 Trello Problems & Questions
7 Year Plan
8 Wikipedia
9 Live Meeting
10 ToDos
11 Missed Topics
12 Picture & Bye

Please note, that these are the overarching topics. Many of them combine different sub-topics, that you will find in more detail in the minutes of the meeting.


Runa, Amalia, Lars, Jonas, Max and Veera