1st Boe Meeting 2023/24

Category:BoE Announcements

Hello EGEA,

Its been already two weeks since we came back from the AC. We already had an unofficial meeting where we discussed the most important points for our work and time management.
Today on the 25th of September 2023 we want to discuss official EGEA topics as you can see in the agenda down below. Next time we will publish the post one day earlier. That way you can have the chance to suggest topics that are missing.

1 Feeling Round
2 General Stuff
2.1 What is everyone up to?
2.2 Updates ToDo List
3 Winter OSM
4 GAW23
5 AB & BoE Meeting
6 1st BoE Live Meeting Jena
7 Working Groups Open Call
8 ToDo’s
9 Missed Topics
10 Picture
11 Byebye<3

Please note, that these are the overarching topics. Many of them combine different sub-topics, that you will find in more detail in the minutes of the meeting.


your new BoE 23/24