Team Coordinators 2023/24 OPEN CALL PROLONGED

The Call for the Team Coordinators is prolonged! We are still searching for new motivated people, so if you want to learn more about EGEA and how it works, if you are interested in one specific topic or if you want to bring some new ideas to an existing working group then you can apply now as Team coordinator for 2023/2024. Send your application until the 23rd of July 23:59 CEST. To apply, please fill in this draft application and email it to

Are you curious what it means to be a coordinator in general? Check it out here.

According to Appendix D of the Protocol, these are the Teams in EGEA you can apply for:

1 coordinator for: 

  • Media & Communications Team
  • Science Team

2 coordinators for: 

  • Training Team
  • Inclusion Team
  • Technical Support Team

2 Chief Editors for:

  •  European Geographer (EG)

You can gain valuable experience in coordinating an international team of young professionals. E.g.: 

  • You strengthen your leadership skills
  • You’ll get to establish new contacts amongst the members of the Team
  • Having a fixed place at the Annual Congress and Organisation and Strategy meetings
  • You will have a lot of space for your own creativity and can start new projects
  • You will get a certificate if you fulfil your mandates 
  • It brings a lot of fun

Tasks and useful skills for the different Teams: 

Media & Communications Team

  • Creativity and ideas are a big advantage 
  • Graphic/designing basics (poster/graphic making tools or software such as Canva or Inkscape) are very helpful (but not necessary)
  • But don’t worry if you don’t have a lot of knowledge in design or media, you have the team to help you gain it!

Science Team

  • Interest in wide range of topics
  • Interest in organising / attending scientific events
  • Ability to moderate a workshop / meeting / presentation (Not necessary as such but always welcome…)
  • The ability to communicate with EGEANs

Training Team

  • Like to work with EGEAns 
  • Being interested in learning how to manage and motivate a team
  • Having good communication skills (in the team (helps with coordinating 🙂 ) and outside the team )
  • Curious about learning new skills
  • Wanting to bring more trainings and soft skills to EGEAns

Inclusion Team

  • It would be awesome for the future representatives to be very open when it comes to communication and approaching of people.
  • Also, eagerness in communication in all kinds of ways, be it face to face, email or online messengers is important for this role.
  • Some Knowledge about Egea events and Structures is helpful, when it comes to explanations for Newbies (for example Presentation on Newbie Area)
  • Reach beyond: having fun to contact new Universities to instal EGEA there

Technical Support Team

  • You will be in charge of our beloved website, so together with the team you’ll make sure it’s up and running and all information is correct and updated
  • As the website works with WordPress, no coding skills whatsoever are required for this position. Just a general interest in technology
  • You’ll also be in charge of the administration of our email accounts
  • Whenever congress or event organisers need some technical support, you’re the first point for them to contact

European Geographer

  • Willing to (learn how to) proofread
  • You have a general interest in scientific journalism
  • Experience/willing to learn: proofreading, layout, editing, PR