New way to register EGEANs

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I am pleased to inform you that we have completed one of the many stages of improving the website, which results in changes to the registration process for new participants in entities.

To register a new candidate:

  1. Candidates need to register on the egea website.
    • They can visit the website and register using the registration form available after clicking on the “Log in / Sign up” tab.
    • They can register using the same link as before:
  2. Immediately after the candidate’s registration, a notification about the new member is sent to the entity’s email address.
  3. In the email, you will find several buttons to either accept the candidate and assign them the appropriate status or reject the application. The links do not have an expiration date.
  4. After acceptance, the member will be able to register for events and use the website immediately.
  5. On the website https:/, you can view the members of your entity.

Request: Please try to minimize the number of members with the “unset” status and update the list as frequently as possible.

  1. Registration code: This field is optional, and new candidates do not have to fill it out since it is the CP who accepts users, not the Technical Support Team.

To approve a new candidate:

  1. Log in with your entity’s account on the website.
  2. Navigate to ‘My EGEA’ and click on ‘my entity-members’
  3. Locate the member and click the appropriate button next to their name.

User statuses visual identity

We have also introduced a special distinction for EGEA members, which is a border around their profile picture indicating their status. Below is the legend explaining the different statuses:

  1. Bright Green Border: Newbie Member – Indicates young and inexperienced members who are new to EGEA.
  2. Green Border: Active Member – Signifies members who are currently active and participating in EGEA activities.
  3. Teal Border: Oldie Member – Represents older and experienced members of EGEA.
  4. Yellow Border: Pending Verification – Refers to members who are awaiting verification of their status.
  5. Purple Border: Alumni Member – Represents former EGEA members who have completed their active participation but remain connected to the community.
  6. Gray Border: Unset Member – Refers to members whose status has not been assigned or updated yet.

Please note that individual EGEA entities have the authority to change the member’s status within EGEA.

This distinction aims to provide clear visual indicators of member status within EGEA.

This feature aims to provide visual cues about the status of EGEA members.

As always, if you have any questions, issues, or comments, please contact